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Road transportation which has become such a dominant mode of transportation in Nigeria with patronage cutting across individual commuters, private, corporate and government organizations serves as coordinating basis for all modes of transport system. The restrictive nature of the water ways, coupled with the near collapse of the rail system, and the high cost of air travels have further exerted a lot of pressure on the road, as over 75 percent of the total movements in the country are made by road.

However, the lack of professionalism by transport owners and the absence of proper regulation over time resulted in the poor management of the transport sub sector of the Country. Thus, road transportation became the engagement of all comers. This Situation led to lack of a common approach for a National Road Transport Policy that could have substantially eradicated some of the numerous problems encountered daily on our roads today.

Consequently, there was a corresponding increase in Road Traffic Crashes, delay and traffic congestion as well as overstretch of Road infrastructures. Many people have been sent to their early graves while many have become bedridden with millions carrying the scars of injuries sustained from road crashes.

Road Transport Safety Standardization Scheme created by law in the National Road Traffic Regulations (NRTR) (2004) Section 115 made pursuant to Sections 5 and 10 (10) of the FRSC (Establishment) Act 2007 provides for the establishment of safety units by all transport operators so as to bring professionalism into the industry, promote and develop rapid safe, efficient and convenient fleet transportation system in the country.

It is this wholesome consideration and In keeping with the Commission’s service compact with all Nigerians (SERVICOM), that the Federal Road Safety Commission introduced the Road Transport Safety Standardization Scheme (RTSSS).

The Road Transport Safety Standardization Scheme (RTSSS) is classified into 7 (seven) broad areas as follows:
i Compilation and Registration of fleet operators.
ii Certification of transport operators.
iii Improving quality of driver’s training.
iv Collaborative efforts among law makers, law enforcement agencies and transport operators.
v Continuous inspection of Fleet Operators / activities.
vi Enforcement of Model Safety Policy for Fleet Operators and
vii Evaluation and Reporting.

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